RTE’s Droichid na hÉireann features Waterford!

Two of Waterford’s iconic bridges will feature on Droichid na hÉireann, an Irish language programme on RTE1 next Monday at 7.30pm.

Presented by actor Lochlann Ó Mearáin, the series explores the history, architecture, landscape, and above all the people behind these extraordinary bridges, and the pivotal role they have played in historic events and in modern-day society.

More info here : https://www.rte.ie/gaeilge/2022/0104/1269745-droichid-na-heireann-the-story-of-irelands-beloved-bridges/

Series link on RTE Player : https://www.rte.ie/player/series/droichid-na-h%C3%A9ireann/SI0000012577?epguid=IP000067211

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My Gift to You

My gift to you is an opportunity for people over the age of 65 to sign up for a four month class where they can learn to put their personal history together. The class is free, it will be held on 1 evening per week and given by historian Dr. Maxine Keoghan. Other supports will be available with the help of a genealogist and a graphic designer. Participants will be assisted with research, writing and designing their book.. Class participants will be supported and instructed as to where to search for information and how to put their work together. The written piece will be edited and advice will be given as how to best present their work. The project was funded by The Ireland Funds.

Working within Covid restrictions has made the running of community projects a challenge but not impossible – ideally the course was planned for the long winter months but this is a relaxed project and people can start to put their thoughts and ideas together now and also they can start putting pen to paper or fingers to type. Participants must be able to use a computer and be able to type but it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow they type.     This class will be a mix of zoom and in person meeeings (when covid restrictions allow).

To Register for My Gift to You contact Tracy McEneaney tmceneaney@waterfordcoucil.ie or phone 051 849844

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Irish Water appeal to homes and businesses to take steps to prepare for freezing weather and to conserve water

Irish Water and Local Authorities are asking homes and businesses to take some simple steps to avoid damage to their pipes and help conserve water during the cold weather.

Freezing conditions can lead to a higher than normal volume of burst pipes. A burst pipe can cause severe damage in the home, while also leading to valuable water being lost. Sometimes a small leak can go undetected for weeks, resulting in expensive repair bills and a disrupted water supply.

To avoid this, we are asking home- and business-owners to take some simple steps to winter-proof their premises over the coming months.

Speaking about preparing for colder weather, Tom Cuddy, Head of Operations, Irish Water, said, “With temperatures often dipping below zero at this time of year, we are appealing to homes, businesses and those responsible for unoccupied buildings to check for leaks whilst adhering to current public health regulations and advice, and to turn off water where it’s not needed. We are also appealing to customers to check outside pipes in particular that can become frozen and burst during periods of cold weather and report leaks they see on the public network to us.

“Small efforts by everyone to conserve water wherever possible make a big difference and we would ask the public to only use what they need whilst continuing to adhere to public health advice on hand washing and hygiene regarding COVID-19. Simple advice on conservation includes for example taking showers over baths and fixing dripping taps where it is possible to do so.

“In preparing for freezing weather, there are some simple steps to follow to avoid your pipes freezing or bursting. These can be viewed online at https://www.water.ie/help/supply/winterproofing/ or below

What to do if you have a frozen pipe: If you have a basic knowledge of plumbing, these tips will help you locate and thaw a frozen pipe. If you are unsure of what to do, call a registered plumber.

Turn off the water supply, this will limit the amount of leakage or damage if a pipe bursts:

• Find and turn off your inside stop valve, usually located under the kitchen sink

• Turn off the stopcock in your cold water tank, usually located in the attic

Locate the pipe

• Check the water pressure in appliances such as taps and toilets to see if it is lower than usual

• Locate the general area where you think there may be a frozen pipe

• Check for visible pipes that are not insulated, pipes that feel much colder than others, have nearby draughts or damage

• Turn on nearby cold taps to relieve pressure on the frozen pipe. NEVER turn on the hot taps

Thaw the pipe

• If the pipe and fittings are not cracked or broken, you can try gently thawing the pipe

• Protect or move anything which might be damaged if the pipe bursts when thawed

• Use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to gently warm the pipe, starting at the end nearest the tap

NEVER attempt to thaw out frozen pipes by switching on your immersion, central heating, blow torch etc.

What to do if you have a burst pipe: A burst pipe can cause serious damage to your home so it is important to take action as soon as possible.

Limit the damage

• Turn off the water supply as instructed above

• Drain the system by turning on all the cold water taps and flushing the toilets

• Switch off the central heating and immersion. If you use solid fuel, let it die out

• When the water heating is completely off, turn on the hot taps to further drain the system

• If water from a burst pipe is leaking near any sockets, switches or appliances, switch off the mains if it is safe to do so. If the switch is wet, do not touch it, instead call a qualified electrician

• If you have a shared water supply e.g. if you live in an apartment complex, ensure you have access to the stop cock. This is usually located where the water supply enters the building

• Check with your neighbours that turning off the water has not affected their supply

Get it repaired

• You can make a temporary repair to a burst pipe by binding it tightly with a cloth or tape.

• Replace this as soon as possible by a permanent repair, carried out by a qualified and registered plumber.

• Ensure your hot water system is refilled BEFORE you switch back on your immersion or boiler.

Visit our Winter Proofing for Home page for tips. Irish Water continues to work at this time, with our Local Authority partners, contractors and others to safeguard the health and well-being of both staff and the public and to ensure the continuity of critical drinking water and wastewater services and would like to remind the public to continue to follow public health advice on hand-washing and hygiene during the global health pandemic.

To report a leak please contact Irish Water on 1800 278 278.


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Spásanna páirceála do Dhaoine le Míchumas Dofheicthe ag Clós Uí Scannláin, Dún Garbhán

Chuir Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Láirge dhá Spás Páirceála Ghluaisteáin do Dhaoine le Míchumas Dofheicthe ar fáil i gClós Uí Scannláin i nDún Garbhán i Meán Fómhair 2021.

Is furasta na spásanna páirceála a aithint le lus na gréine geal buí ar chúlra glas. Tá lus na gréine aitheanta go hidirnáisiúnta mar shiombail an mhíchumais dofheicthe.

Toisc nach bhfuil gach míchumas sofheicthe, nó soiléir láithreach, tá na spásanna páirceála suite in áit shábháilte, sé sin gan a bheith suite díreach in aice leis an mbóthar agus tá na toisí céanna acu is atá ag spás páirceála inrochtana ag cathaoireacha rothaí.

Mhínigh Fergus Galvin, Stiúrthóir Seirbhísí, Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Láirge, “Tá roinnt mhíchumais nach fuirist iad a fheiceáil i gconaí, ar nós an t-uathachas, gortú inchinne faighte, lagú ar radharc nó ar éisteacht, nó deacrachtaí foghlama. D’fhéadfadh go mbeadh beagán ama breise nó cúnamh ag teastáil uathu siúd atá faoi mhíchumais dofheicthe, agus a dteaghlaigh nó a gcúramóirí, chun dul isteach agus amach as a ngluaisteáin go sábháilte.”

Dúirt Fergus chomh maith, “D’fhéadfadh sé nach mbeadh cuid de na húsáideoirí seo incháilithe le haghaidh Suaitheantais Ghorm, mar sin cuireann na spásanna páirceála cúirtéise seo áit shábháilte agus inrochtana ar fáil le páirceáil.

Cé go dteastaíonn páirceáil íoctha do na spásanna seo (tá an meaisín ticéad Íoc agus Taispeáin suite gar do na spásanna páirceála seo), iarraimid ar an bpobal i gcoitinne meas a léiriú ar na spásanna agus iad a fhágáil dóibh siúd atá faoi mhíchumas dofheicthe.”

Is í Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Láirge an chéad Chomhairle in Éirinn atá ag cruthú spásanna do dhaoine faoi mhíchumas dofheicthe agus tá sé beartaithe níos mó spásanna do dhaoine faoi mhíchumas dofheicthe a cruthú sa chathair agus sa chontae go luath amach anseo, de bharr cé chomh dearfach is ar glacadh leis na spásanna atá cruthaithe.

De réir Míchumais Dofheicthe, tá duine as gach cúigear ar fud na hÉireann ina gcónaí le cineál éigin míchumas agus tá 80% díobh seo dofheicthe. Sin díreach faoi bhun milliún duine atá ag maireachtáil faoi mhíchumas dofheicthe.


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Economic Incentive Scheme for Vacant Properties in Urban Areas 2021-2022

Waterford City & County Council is offering incentives over a three year period to attract new retail and other businesses within the core retail area of the City Centre, towns and village centre of Waterford in order to bring vibrancy and vitality to the city and town centres.

It is intended to ensure that any incoming retail or service use will respect and enhance the multifaceted character of the area and will allow and encourage a diversity of uses to increase its overall attractiveness for shopping, leisure and business purposes.

There will be a strong presumption in favour of grant-aid for higher order comparison retail outlets including fashion outlets – both multiple and independent stores, ‘lifestyle stores’, flagship stores, niche and specialist retailers such as home furnishings, beauty products, jewellery and bookshops.

For more details on the scheme, please read the scheme guidelines or contact one of the Economic Development Team. To apply for the scheme, register here.

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Dungarvan welcomes Ireland’s first outdoor ‘Learn to Cycle’ track

Ireland’s first and Dungarvan’s newest amenity area was officially opened with the addition of an outdoor ‘Learn to Cycle’ track.

The Learn to Cycle track will allow young children to learn to cycle on a ‘real life’ road structure with lines, signs and pedestrian crossing without the traffic.  This latest amenity at Fairlane adds to existing play facilities at the Linear Park, which include slides, swings and climbing frames, along with water fountains with bird feeding points which are a firm favourite with young and old. 

With Waterford Greenway close by, the new Learn to Cycle track will also allow for those new cyclists to get some practice before taking to the Greenway proper.

Chair of Dungarvan / Lismore District Cllr. Tom Cronin highlighted how important such civic amenities are to our towns, villages and communities. “People have a new appreciation of the outdoors, and the numbers using such amenities are continuously growing.  This new cycle track will give those who are new to cycling a chance to test out their wheels on a purpose-built track.  It will be great to see people using this new amenity here at Fairlane Park in a safe and family-friendly environment.”

Kieran Kehoe, Director of Services and Dungarvan Town Manager commented, “This amenity is so accessible within the town centre, and is easily reachable from all surrounding areas.  Dungarvan is a ‘Smarter Travel’ town, which means that Waterford City and County Council in promoting the safe use of cycling, this facility will enable children to learn a life skill which will encourage the use of sustainable transport methods and move from over reliance on cars as their only method of transport which will benefit the climate and the environment.  Cycling around Dungarvan has never been safer.”

The next phase of the development, a Performance Area is at an advanced stage of construction and is due to be opened in the coming months.  When completed the recreation park will include a BMX Pump Track and  Skatepark.

Peter Jones, Waterford Sports Partnership also commented, “This is an innovative and exciting venture from Waterford City and County Council, which has engaged with many partners to ensure this unique facility is open to the people of Dungarvan.  The facility’s aim is to ensure we have a safe environment for children of all abilities to learn to cycle safely.  It will allow us to deliver Cycling Ireland courses including balance bike training, disability cycling, sprocket rocket and Cycle Right in a completely accessible and traffic free environment.  The facility will also utilise QR codes to assist parents in coaching their own children.”

Waterford City and County Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jemma Jacob added “We anticipate creches and pre-schools will use the facility to deliver Road Safety Authority programmes such as Simon and Friends and Road Safety Awareness week events.  By including a ‘real life’ road structure and two teaching areas, this facility will allow youngsters to learn how to step, stride, glide and turn on balance bikes and put these skills to the test in a mock road situation.”

The overall cost of the cycle track was €50,000 with Waterford City and County Council receiving funding from the Local Government Fund and the Capital Grant Scheme for Play and Recreation administered by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. Works were completed earlier this month by contractors Richard Forristal Ltd.


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Community Monuments Fund open for Application

Waterford City and  County Council in conjunction with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage are inviting applications for the Community Monuments Fund 2022.

The grant scheme offers funding for the conservation, maintenance, protection and presentation of archaeological monuments.

The Community Monuments Fund has 3 streams:

  • Stream1 for essential repairs and capital works for the conservation and repair of archaeological monuments.
  • Stream 2 for the development of Conservation Management Plans/Reports aimed at identifying measures for the conservation of archaeological monuments and improving public access
  • Stream 3 for enhancement of access infrastructure and interpretation (including virtual/online) at archaeological monuments

Closing date for receipt of applications from private applicants is the 15th February 2022 to bguest@waterfordcouncil.ie

Full details of  the grant scheme are outlined in—  Community Monuments Fund 2022 – Explanatory Memorandum CMF2022 available to download at;


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Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2022

The Heritage Council’s Community Heritage Grant Scheme is now open for applications until February 16th. A fund of €1.5 million is available under the scheme to support;

  • Capital projects that apply good heritage practice to the management of places, collections or objects (including buildings)
  • Capital projects that improve access and inclusion to heritage sites
  • The purchase of essential equipment.

Further details on what is eligible under the scheme and how to apply on-line can be found at;


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Hidden Disability parking spaces at Scanlan’s Yard

Waterford City and County Council has installed two Hidden Disability Car Parking Spaces in Scanlan’s Yard in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

The car parking spaces, introduced in September last year, are easily identified with a bright yellow sunflower on a green background.  The sunflower has become internationally recognised as the symbol of hidden disabilities.

As not all disabilities are visible, or immediately obvious, the car parking spaces are in a safe location, not immediately located beside the road and are the same dimensions as a Wheelchair accessible parking space.

Fergus Galvin, Director of Services, Waterford City and County Council explained, “Many disabilities are not always visible such as autism, acquired brain injury, sight or hearing impairment, or learning difficulties.  Those with hidden disabilities, and their families or carers may need a little extra time or assistance getting into and out of their cars safely.”

“Some of the users may not qualify for a Blue Badge, so these courtesy parking spaces provide a safe and accessible place to park.  While the hidden disability spaces require paid parking, with the Pay and Display ticket machine located close to these spaces, we would ask the general public to respect the spaces and leave them for those with hidden disabilities.”

Waterford City and County Council is the first local authority in Ireland to introduce hidden disability spaces and following such a positive response intends to introduce more in the city and county in the near future.

According to Hidden Disabilities, across Ireland, 1 in 5 people live with some form of disability and 80% of these are non-visible, which is just under one million people who are living with a non-visible disability.


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