Road closure at Master McGrath monument, 20-22 June

Notice is hereby given that Waterford City and County Council,
in exercise of its powers pursuant to Section 75 Roads Act
1993, will close the following public road from 20th to 22nd
June 2018 to facilitate the construction of a cattle underpass:
Road to be Closed:
• L6130 from junction with N72 north across from
Master McGrath monument to junction with R672 at
Ballinamuck West.
Diversion Route:
• Southbound traffic will be diverted east at junction for
L6130 and N25 east, along the N25, southbound at junction
R672 and N25 and back to junction at L6130 and R672.
• Northbound traffic will be diverted north at junction at
L6130 and R672 west via L8035 at junction for R672 and N25
west along N25 back to the junction at L6130 and N25l.

Fergus Galvin 13th June 2018
Director of Services
Roads, Water and Environment

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