DEADLINE: Inclusion on the annual draft Register of Electors

A new Register of Electors is compiled each year, and the draft of this is published on 1st February of the following year.

You can be included on the draft register by completing Form RFA and returning it to the Franchise Section of Waterford City and County Council.

You can inspect the Draft Register during working hours at Customer Services of the City and County Council or the Offices of the County Registrar, at public libraries, post offices and Garda stations. The public is invited to check the Draft Register to make sure they are correctly registered.

You have until the 25th November to make a correction or have your name included on the draft Register. The Live Register of Electors is then published on 1st February of the following year and comes into force on the 15th February.

To be able to vote in an election or referendum, a person’s name must be entered in the Register of Electors for the locality in which the person ordinarily resides.

Please note it is a person’s own responsibility to ensure that they are registered (or de-registered), and/or to inform the local authority of a change of address. A person may be registered at one address only.

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