Statement from Waterford City and County Council I Tallow Horse Fair


Waterford City and County Council announce that it is not in a position to support Tallow Horse Fair happening next Friday, September 3rd

Waterford City and County Council is today erecting signs to the effect that Tallow Horse Fair cannot happen in the current year, given that it could not legally provide traffic management and road closures given the current public health restrictions. The Council stated that following consultation with the Gardai and public health officials, it is satisfied that Tallow Horse Fair is an outdoor event within the meaning of the public health regulations and that such an event is currently restricted to 200 persons or alternatively 500 persons where appropriate attendance controls and social distancing measures are in place unless specifically designated as a pilot event by the Minister.

The Council is satisfied that controls on attendance or public health measures cannot be put in place and that appropriate notice cannot be given to road users or other affected persons. It, therefore, regrets it is not in a position to support the Fair in the current year.

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