Current Vacancies – 5 new positions advertised

Current Vacancies – 5 new positions advertised.

Executive Scientist – Executive Scientist Application Form

– Executive Scientist Candidate Information Booklet

4pm on Thursday, 4th November, 2021
Executive Technician – Executive Technician Application Form

– Executive Technician Candidate Information Booklet

Sláintecare Healthy Communities Local Development Officer – Application Form

– Candidate Information Booklet

Traveller Tenant Community Liaison Worker – Application Form

– Candidate Information Booklet

Visual Arts Co-Ordinator – Visual Arts Co-Ordinator Application Form

– Candidate Information Booklet

Jobs must be applied for on the official application form provided for each post. Completed application forms must be returned by email only to the e-mail address specified on the individual application form. Qualifications and particulars for each job will be provided with each application form.

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