Poetry Ireland Access Cúirt bursary

Poetry Ireland and Cúirt International Festival of Literature are delighted to offer the Poetry Ireland Access Cúirt Bursary this spring. This will provide an emerging poet from a background that is currently statistically underrepresented in Irish poetry the opportunity to visit the festival and become immersed in the poetry programme. The bursary includes tickets to all events and workshops, accommodation for five nights, travel costs to Galway and a per diem.

Applications are invited from poets from minority ethnic and socio economically disadvantaged backgrounds, poets with disabilities, and poets who identify as LGBTQI+. This bursary is only open to poets who are currently based on the island of Ireland. To apply please send a short expression of interest statement (no more than a page) in an attached Word document, outlining why your work would benefit from this support to info@poetryireland.ie by 5.00pm on Friday 15 March.

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Statement from Council on recent tree felling/pruning

We have received numerous calls from Councillors and the general public recently regarding the removal of trees adjacent to Devonshire Bridge, Dungarvan.

Waterford Council sees trees as an integral part of the landscape and the planting of any  tree ultimately adds and enhances the landscape. The main considerations for selecting a tree can very often be made on broad principles or within much more objective measures such as  native selection; contribution to the landscape; fitting  for its environment and biodiversity contribution to mention a few.

The trees planted at Devonshire Bridge, and are subsequently now removed, have raised questions as to whether the above rationale was applied or not.  The trees removed were one number Cherry; one number Sorbus and two number Cordylines.

The Cherry tree was dead and required removal and the Sorbus for the greatest part was dead and would ultimately fail this growing season. The Cordylines native to New Zealand have been a hugely popular planting choice for sea side locations planted through the 80’s and 90’s purely due to the fact of their ability to tolerate sea exposure. This was generally the only fundamental reason for selection and largely bypassing the points raised above.

The two Cordylines were removed to create the opportunity to enhance the landscape adjacent to the bridge. This now in turn creates a canvas for which we can make an added improvement where the space can now be planted with a much more suitable and iconic selection through the planting of Arbutus unedo –  strawberry tree. This is a native Irish tree which would greatly contribute to this area and provide a biodiversity aspect to this location.

Waterford City & County Council’s primary objective in relation to the maintenance and management of the trees within our city and county is to ultimately improve and create a safer healthier tree population.  Trees are an integral part of the landscape and make a major contribution to the character and appearance of Waterford. However, the Council recognises trees are a living asset and require maintenance and this maintenance is to ensure public safety and minimise hazards posed by trees. The type of tree work undertaken by the Council largely depends on a trees location and its species. However the broad spectrum of our works is underpinned by the following:

  • the health of the tree, i.e. the tree is dead or visibly in decline;
  • road signs, traffic signals, street lights, and sight-lines for vehicles and pedestrians are obscured by the tree
  • if the tree is a contributing factor in causing structural damage, particularly to roads and footpaths, that cannot be reasonably addressed by an alternative solution.

In the recent weeks and months, as in previous years, Waterford City and County Council has removed a number of trees across the city and county and pruned many more for the reasons identified above.  In the majority of instances, residents living adjacent to these trees highlighted their concerns to the Council and acknowledging where the item requires attention, the Council has taken corrective action.

The Wildlife Act 1976 (as amended 2000) is the principle legislation protecting nesting birds in Ireland. This Act, under Section 40, prohibits cutting of vegetation on uncultivated land between March 1st and August 31st. However, it is accepted in practice that street or urban trees are cultivated and this allows for tree maintenance works to be carried out during the closed period subject to best practice protocols in regard to pre-works assessment of trees for active nests or nesting birds and having regard to the initial issue in need of addressing.

Another key element of the Council’s tree maintenance programme is an annual tree planting programme and promotion of our National Tree Week. In 2018, the Council distributed 300 trees supplied by the Tree Council of Ireland to various Tidy Towns and Residents Associations and this was supplemented with 100 trees provided by Waterford City & County Council.

Year on year an annual tree planting programme is implemented across the city and county by the Council where trees are selected based on suitability for each location.  All trees planted by the Council are carefully grown through their formative years within a tree nursery bringing them to a developed stage at which they can be successfully transplanted into these various locations. These same trees across our city and county will become more identifiable in the coming weeks when they come into full leaf.

We can also confirm that 5G was not a consideration in the removal of any trees in Waterford, nor are we aware of, nor have we any involvement in, any 5G rollout in Waterford.

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A Conversation with Michael Heaney

Michael Heaney will be in conversation about compiling the book of 100 Poems by his late father Seamus Heaney and he will speak about the ‘Seamus Heaney: Listen Now Again’ exhibition currently on show in Dublin.

Plus there will be an open mic section: Read a poem of your own or a favourite Heaney poem on Friday 22nd March 2019 at 8pm  upstairs in Phil Grimes, Johnstown, Waterford. Tickets at €10 are on sale now in Phil Grimes.

Grant assisted by The Arts Office, Waterford City and County Council.

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Couple with Extraordinary Story to lead Waterford City St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Waterford Couple with Extraordinary Story to Lead Waterford City Parade

Des and Mona Manahan have been chosen as the 2019 Waterford City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshalls. Des and Mona have had their true love story shared all over the world in recent months and have appeared on the Late Late Show, This Morning, BBC News and have appeared in articles all over the world.

Because of Mona’s (83) failing eyesight, Des (84) thought that he would start learning how to apply Mona’s makeup so she could always look and feel her best. They have been married for the last 56 years, this really is a true love story. Des and Mona met in 1952 when Des decided to serenade Mona with Nat King Cole’s “They Tried to Tell Us We’re too Young”.

Although their story has gone viral, it mustn’t be forgotten that Des and Mona have made huge contributions to the arts and theatre in Waterford. Des has spent his life on the stage, a member of every musical society in Waterford since the 50’s, a member of the Grand Opera Society, he has appeared in professional productions all over the country and still performs with Waterford Musical Society today. Mona and Des have both made huge contributions to the iconic “Tops of the Town”. Mona, who worked on costumes for Red Kettle Theatre Company for years, also took the lead on all the costumes for the Tops shows. Meanwhile Des was writing comedy for the shows and acting as musical director and producer.

Mayor Declan Doocey said, “I’m delighted to have Des and Mona acting as the Grand Marshalls for this years St. Patrick’s Day Parade, these two have an extraordinary story that has been heard by millions of people, as well as having contributed so much to the arts and theatre in Waterford. As we celebrate colour, culture and community in this years parade I believe these two perfectly embody what it means to involve oneself in their community and bring vibrancy to everyday life.”

Des and Mona will lead the parade, beginning at Dooley’s Hotel and will arrive at the viewing stand to be greeted by the Mayor.


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St. Patrick’s Day Parade road closure arrangements

Notice is hereby given that Waterford City and County Council, in exercise of its powers pursuant to Section 75 Roads Act 1993, propose to close the following roads to through traffic from 11am to 5pm on Sunday 17th March 2019 to facilitate 2019 St. Patricks Day Parade:

Roads to be closed:
• R680 Merchants Quay
• R680 Meaghers Quay
• R680 Coal Quay
• R680 Custom House Quay
• R680 Parade Quay
• R680 The Mall
• R680 Parnell Street
• R708 Catherine Street
• L90025 Colbeck Street
• L5530 Lady Lane (from its junction with Francis Place
to Colbeck Street)
• L90024 Bank Lane
• L90022 Adelpi Quay (from its junction with Rose Lane
to Parade Quay)
• L90021 Bailey’s New Street
• L90020 Greyfriars
• L90019 Coffee House Lane
• L90018 Henrietta Street
• L90017 Keyser Street
• L5534 Exchange Street
• L5535 Conduit Lane
• L91091 Barronstrand Street
• L5501 Gladstone Street
• L1502 O’ Connell Street
• L15021 Thomas Hill (from its junction with Meeting
House Lane to O’ Connell Street)
• L5506 Vulcan Street
• L1503 The Glen (Road no. 1)
• L15033 The Glen (Road no. 3)

Diversion Routes:
Travelling East on R680 Cork Road
All traffic for M9, N25 and N25 via Rice Bridge shall be
diverted at Cork Road Roundabout and directed to Rice
Bridge via R686.

Traffic for Tramore, Waterford Airport, University Hospital
Waterford or Williamstown/Dunmore Road area is
unaffected and shall use the Inner Ring Road.

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Road Closure Notice – L3022 Briska, Lemybrien, Co. Waterford

Notice is hereby given that Waterford City and County Council, in exercise of its powers pursuant to Section 75 Roads Act 1993, will close the following public road from 4th March to 12th April, 2019 to facilitate Water Mains Rehabilitation Works.


Road to be closed

  • L3022 Briska, Lemybrien, Co. Waterford

Diversion Route

  • Via L3021 Briska Church road and L3019 Mahon Falls road.
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Reminder: Temporary Road Closure – L3021, Mahonbridge Crossroads

Notice is hereby given that Waterford City and County Council, in exercise of its powers pursuant to Section 75 Roads Act 1993, will close the following public road from 28th January to 22nd March 2019 to facilitate Water Mains Rehabilitation Works:

Road to be Closed
• L3021 from Mahonbridge Crossroads to Briska Church

Diversion Route
• Via R676 & L7033 Gortnalaght

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Published: Weekly Planning Lists for Waterford


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Email Services Interruption

We are currently experiencing intermittent interruptions to our email services.  We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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